Fundação Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável
  • Environmental Assets
    Projects and studies on sustainable development by means of the conscious use of natural resources.
  • Sustainable Agriculture
    Projects and interface between different actors to
    create reliable and sustainable agriculture.
  • Urban Sustainability
    Projects which seek to address the sustainability of large urban centers in the medium and long term.

Environmental Assets

We develop projects for Water Resources, Forests, Biodiversity, Water Footprints, Carbon Footprints, Qualitative and Quantitative Availability of Resources and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories. We organize technical workshops and special studies on the subjects.

Environmental Assets

Since the start of its activities, in 1992, FBDS has been developing studies and projects in the areas of energy (energy efficiency, renewable energy, public policy proposals, etc.); water resources (management, availability, quality, public policies, development of water footprint methodologies, etc.); biodiversity and forests; carbon projects (generation of carbon credits, emissions inventory, carbon footprint, greenhouse gasses management, cap-and-trade mechanisms, public policies, etc.); and projects linked to global climate changes (national and regional inventories, support for Brazilian participation in COPs (Conference of the Parties), impact of Global Climate Change on different productive sectors and geographic regions, etc.).

During this period more than 200 projects were developed for the public and private sectors and dozens of studies carried out in partnership with the principal universities and research centers in Brazil and abroad.

Fundação Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável
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Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
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